Since its creation, the Rare Diseases Foundation has remained faithful to its ambitions helping to diagnose, develop treatments and improve the life of patients and their families. In 2015, thanks to your donations, the Rare Diseases Foundation was able to fund 55 projects to accelerate research for all rare diseases.
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Thanks to the funding by the Foundation of a project in congenital myopathies, severe genetic neuromuscular diseases with a pediatric onset, new genes have been identified and their roles in the disease mechanism have been confirmed.
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All donations to the French Foundation for rare diseases are tax deductible, according to applicable laws: 66% of income tax (with a threshold of 20% of the taxable income), 60% of corporate tax (with a threshold of 0.5% of the revenues), 75% of wealth tax (with a threshold of 50 000€).

The Foundation had funded a step of preclinical research using the oxytocin hormone, to treat feeding and behavior disorders in Prader-Willi syndrome. The steps have led to further developments and the first clinical trials on sick children have shown a significant improvement of their feeding and social behaviors.
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